Grumpy Joe's Metric Staging trolley

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Each trolley holds 9 full sections, which will create a 3m x 3m complete stage. One person can easily lay this new versatile staging system in different layouts such as catwalks or stages. A simple aluminium clip fixes the frames together to prevent movement. Suitable for hotels, rental companies, pubs, restaurants, schools, disc jockeys, etc.

Metric Stage Trolley

8ft x 4ft by any height, 1" x 1" metal hinged frames, solid in use, fold flat for easy handling and storage.
Tops are 8ft x 4ft x 18mm exterior plywood, with six locating blocks underneath to prevent movement.
Matt black finish.
Frames can be stacked using stacking pegs for varying heights.


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1ft high with top - (8' X 4' X 1')
2ft high with top - (8' X 4' X 2')
3ft high with top - (8' X 4' X 3')

Stage Drapes

Black Bolton Twill, fireproof material with Velcro fixings. Buy Online

12ft x 11inch deep
12ft x 23inch deep
12ft x 35inch deep

Metric Staging Kit

9 X 1m X 1m X 30cm Frames
9 X 1m X 1m X 18mm Tops
9 X Locating Bars
1 X TrolleyBuy Online




























Grumpy Joe's Stages

  • Folding Rostra for storage/transportation
  • Available heights: 1' 2' 3'
  • 8' X 4' or 1m square
  • Locating blocks prevent any movement
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Joe's Folding Stages.

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We manufacture two sizes of folding stage units.
Our stage rostra are based on the folding rostra used in theatres and has been designed to provide flexibility with the option to add additional units to meet the size and height requirements of our rental and marquee customers.

The folding steel square framing (1inch X 1inch) is supplied as standard at 1ft, 2ft or 3ft high (Custom heights available on request). It is strong and robust in use but folds flat for easy handling and storage allowing stages to be transported and installed by one person. Stage tops are 8ft X 4ft and 4ft X 4ft, both using 18mm exterior grade plywood. The locating blocks beneath the plywood top prevent any movement and make the unit secure and rigid.
Stage units can be stacked using a set of stacking pegs to increase the height as required.

4ft x 4ft

4ft x 4ft x 1ft Folding Stage
8ft x 4ft

8ft x 4ft

Tops and frames are supplied painted black.
Frames are powder coated and the plywood tops are covered with (easy to touch-up) emulsion.
The staging carries up to 5 kilonewtons per square metre and has been used for grand pianos and even a clay model car.

Pleated black fire-proof Bolton Twill drapes with Velcro fixings are available in 12' lengths to drape the stage frames and are supplied with self adhesive Velcro pads to position as required.

Joe's Metre Square Staging

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Joe's Metre Square Staging is a portable stage systemdesigned for the hotel and rental market. It uses fold flat one metre square frames available in any height, which can be clipped together to prevent movement.

The locating bar hooks across the frames preventing them from closing in use and gives additional support to the plywood stage top.
Frames and tops are finished in matt black. Pegs are available for safe stacking to any height. Black Bolton twill fireproof drapes are available to order, with Velcro fastenings. A trolley holding up to nine frames and tops (3m X 3m stage or 9m X 1m catwalk) is available for safe and easy storage and handling. Steps simply hook on where required.